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Pentium Compiler Group

Last change: 2000-12-27

NEWS: Version has been released (yes, this is newer than the 2.95.3 release). You can get it via cvs (tag pgcc-2_95_2_1) or use the patch on the source page.

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About the Pentium Compiler Group

The Pentium Compiler Group was founded in late '95 to enhance and support pentium optimization in GCC (the GNU C Compiler). GCC does a very good job when optimizing, but the Pentium Chip's architecture demanded different optimization strategies.

Our compiler achieves substantial speed improvements over GCC with almost any program.

General Information

* Frequently Asked Questions
* Frequently Asked Questions (japanese version 2.6.0)
* Chip manuals and optimization techniques
* Mailing list
* Mirror sites with WWW & FTP access
* Developing
* Questions? Bugs? Ask us!

Compiler Sources

* [] Releases
* [no current snapshot] Snapshots
* [no egcs snapshot available] EGCS Snapshots
* CVS access

Compiler Binaries

* [2.95.3/no snapshot] GNU/Linux+libc6 (glibc2)
* [101/no snapshot] DOS (DJGPP)
* [2.95.3/no snapshot] OS/2
* [no release/no snapshot] Solaris/x86
* [no release/1997-05-22] BSDI
* [no release/1997-07-21] FreeBSD

PGCC-based GNU/Linux distributions

* Stampede was the first GNU/Linux distribution built entirely with PGCC
* Enoch features different builds optimized for specific cpu targets to ensure the best possible tuning
* Mandrake-Linux is also built with PGCC, but does not aim at the poweruser as much as the others
* Yggdrasil Plug and Pray distribution

Contributed Binaries and Links

* Erhan Bilgili has k6-optimized binaries of many and well-selected software packages on his ftp server
* Precompiled binaries for Linux (by G. Nielsen)
* Precompiled applications for Linux


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