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Binaries for GNU/Linux

Last change: 2000-03-23

Here you can always get the latest GCC/G++/G77 binaries here.

To download, just save the links (In Netscape: press the right mousebutton and select Save Link As...).


All of these binaries (except where noted otherwise) are ELF only, and NOT in a.out format.




This release is divided into parts, the base package which includes gcc and its includes, and a c++/g77 etc. package, which contains only the C++/G77.. part.

You need to install the base package to get C support only, and any extension package you want.

Install by doing tar xvpzf <tar-file.tar.gz> -C /


  • This binary will only run on PentiumPro/P-II (and higher) or Cyrix6x86MX chips. If you have a pentium or amd, please recompile pgcc from source.
  • if you get excessive warning: comparison between signed and unsigned messages, you can specify -Wno-sign-compare (preferably after -Wall) to eliminate these.
  • if you want to decrease the size of executables generated by pgcc and pg++ and you don't plan to use exception handling, use -fno-exceptions to disable exception handling support.
  • if you get linking problems with old c++ libraries, use -fno-rtti to switch off runtime type information, which is now on by default.
  • see also the egcs release notes.

This set of links is for the glibc2 ("the glibc") version:

PGCC in RPM format

Foyer Consulting has a pgcc page, with binaries in rpm (Redhat Package Manager) format.



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