How to access the PGCC CVS Repository

Last change: 2002-01-26


A readonly CVS server is installed on goof since 1999-02-24. To access it, you need a recent (>1.9) version of CVS which is compiled with support for the pserver method (if you don't know what this is all about you can safely ignore it, 99% of all cvs binaries have this support compiled in).

To make the initial check-out, you first have to log-in to the cvs server:

$ cvs -d login
(Logging in to
CVS password:
(just hit return at the password prompt, i.e. use an empty password)

After this you should not need to login another time, as cvs saves the necessary information in your ~/.cvspass file.

The next step is to check out a copy of the pgcc source tree:

$ cvs -d co pgcc

After the last step (you might want to add -z before the -d to enable compression) you should have the current pgcc version checked out into the local directory pgcc.

Updating your source-tree

Now that should be easy! To update your sourcetree (that you have checked out earlier) to the newest version, just use the command:

$ cd pgcc; cvs update -d -P

...and you should have the newest version on your disk!


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