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Last change: 2008-09-21


Sections like "About Me" are the ones that should be eliminated first from every homepage. Most often they are either uninteresting, wrong, or just plain boring. Mail me if you want anything (photo, curriculum...), you will be heard!

So instead of filling this page with photos/??? (which I'll probably add anyway ;), I'll start by explaining how (and with which tools!) I created this homepage (and in effect all pages on this web-server).

Ah, but before I start, here's quite an interesting excerpt from a german newspaper, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, together with a message: Remember: only very, very dumb hackers report themselves to the authorities. More intelligent ones simply wipe the system clean from any superflous software ;)


What tools did I use to create these pages?

I created these pages (and the pentium compiler group pages) at a time where almost no dedicated html-authoring tools existed. Well, today some tools exist (most notably the Website Meta Language), yet I still don't use these tools. Instead, I rely on various generic tools that I describe in more detail below: