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Last change: 2007-10-15


I don't have much time to work on this page, please be patient!
The most recent release is 1.201.



Here are the manpages available for the Gimp module, sorted in preferred reading order. If the Perl extension to the Gimp is already installed on your system you may view these using perldoc <manpage> or even just using man <manpage>. See the tutorial later on this page for an introduction. After that, reading the manpages in the order below tends to keep forward references to a mininum.


Example Plug-In Sources

If you want to get in touch with the "look & feel" of gimp-perl scripts, this section is for you.


More reading / links to other Gimp-Perl resources


Where to get it?

You can get it from either the Gimp plug-in registry, or from any CPAN mirror.

(Please note that the Gimp-Perl-extension is part of gimp since version 1.1)

The newest version is usually available here as well, but unless the gimp plug-in registry is down or otherwise not working, you should it get elsewhere, as I update this page last. Also, the CPAN link above will automatically redirect you to a fast mirror in your vicinity!

WARNING: The version available here is often an unstable "developer's only snapshot". Look at CPAN or the registry for the latest stable release.


Source: (the last version that worked with gimp-1.0)


Mailing List

There is a mailinglist for general discussion, support and development of Gimp. You can subscribe via the webinterface at Archives are available, too, at



Below are the first sixty-four lines of the Changes file, taken directly off my harddisk, so this is the most up-to-date thing on Gimp you can imagine.

--- CUT ---

And here is the TODO file:


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