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Actually, this is my first (serious) attempt at making something people would call a homepage (eech). My de-facto homepage to date was the homepage of the pentium compiler group, which simply means I didn't have one, and that I had to develop my html skills elsewhere. In the long run, that proved not to be very personal, and even worse, I couldn't publish any software that I wrote (and will write).

BTW, 99.9% of all homepages are a burden to the network, nothing else... just uninteresting graveyards of links.. in short: crap (compare this to usenet, where the situation is even worse). By far most of the crap comes from Wintel users, for which Netiquette clearly is something they never heard of...

I'm trying (yes, not very hard) to offer something original and interesting here, although "documentation" was never my profession (but I hope to change this drastically, soon!), and time is nothing I have to give away for free... So better go directly to the Projects section, and maybe even contribute!

You can also choose to get an insight on how I made this homepage (including the design rationale, why I haven't used layers nor frames nor other crap etc...). While the gfx and other stuff isn't really bells and whistles, the remarkable point about these pages is that almost everything here is automatically generated. Just go to the Background section, to learn how.


Something About Me

NEW! All the cites can now be downloaded as a fortune file: I'm collecting parts of mail and news messages. Some of them are very funny, some of them are less so, but usually all of them give (or gave) me a smile. This might tell you something about me. Then, maybe not..

I lost track of the authors (actually I was too lazy to dig them out), if you are one of them drop me a note and I'll add you.

For easier skipping, citations containing german are marked in green

From: David Damerell

Quoting  Epic Campaigns <NoS...@NoSpamMe.com>:
>Because C# is case sensitive, you can use the same name with different
>caps to make it different.

Alternatively you could set your nose hair on fire, which will also be
painful but will take less typing.

Well, I think comparing Common Lisp to Scheme is prima facie evidence
of ill will, even if Common Lisp wins. It is somewhat like a supposed
compliment like "man, you are even smarter than George W. Bush".

   Erik Naggum in 3231422371368070@naggum.net

From: Hans-Jürgen Koch

> The GPL places additional restrictions on code. It is therefore less
> free than the BSD.
> Free code + restrictions = non-free code.

The legal restriction that people must not enter your house uninvited
by smashing the door adds to your freedom, don't you think so?

[C++ doesn't have the monopoly on hard-to-read diagnostics]

State.xs:1927: warning: passing argument 2 of ‘(void (*)(struct CoroSLF *, struct CV *,
struct SV **, int))gv->sv_u.svu_gp->gp_cv->sv_any->xcv_start_u.xcv_xsubany.any_ptr’
from incompatible pointer type
State.xs:1927: warning: passing argument 3 of ‘(void (*)(struct CoroSLF *, struct CV *,
struct SV **, int))gv->sv_u.svu_gp->gp_cv->sv_any->xcv_start_u.xcv_xsubany.any_ptr’
makes pointer from integer without a cast
State.xs:1927: error: too few arguments to function ‘(void (*)(struct CoroSLF *,
struct CV *, struct SV **, int))gv->sv_u.svu_gp->gp_cv->sv_any->xcv_start_u.xcv_xsubany.any_ptr’

The idea that governments have rights is absurd. People have rights. The
people have delegated certain tasks to government for their own
convenience, and have accepted limits on some minimal subset of their
rights so that society can best protect the rest. Note that "society" is
not the same as "the government"; the government is just a mechanism used
by society to accomplish certain specific things.

[Chandon Seldon]

Differences between vi and Emacs

The neutrality of this article is disputed.

[lost the reference]
Remember that openssl is generally the upper
bound on how difficult a library can be to use.

"Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless
to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and
elitist. No novices asking stupid questions."

[aol 4tw, messages are edited for readability]

Subject: Re: fcrack help
From: puezalb024@aol.com
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 19:27:46 -0500
To: schmorp@schmorp.de
X-Mailer: AOL Webmail 39598-STANDARD

well how about making the manual more accessable u fukin cumtwat. take
ur shitty software n shove it homo. this program sux anyway. i wouldnt
have to read a manual if you actually knew how to create a good piece of a
working program you stupid fuck. n let me tell you thats a good way to get
your name out there or your software, just tel the customer their wrong,
yeah, thatll work. may you rot in piss, if your head was on fire i would
piss on your leg.

?????????????????????????????????? -my regards-
maybe you should go to school and learn how to spell cuz who the fuck
spells marK with a c? musta been a baby of a couple retards

[then, a day later]

Subject: Re: fcrack help
From: puezalb024@aol.com
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2008 18:02:20 -0500
To: schmorp@schmorp.de
X-Mailer: AOL Webmail 39598-STANDARD

just kno that your an idiot. dont be mad at me cuz your mommy n daddy cant
aford to buy you aol, its not my problem. like anyone is going to read
your stupid post anyway.. noone likes your program, how about you read the
previous posts n then we'll see. so you just keep sitting in your basement
all by your lonesome?wasting your time making useless software buddy, cuz
quiet frankly i could give 2 shits. oh yeah if you plan on posting my
response make sure you dont edit nothing and include ALL of my response u
fucking nerd. why dont you put it on ur myspace as well, print up a couple
copies n post em on your walls too buddy

-----Original Message-----
From: Marc Lehmann <schmorp@schmorp.de>
To: puezalb024@aol.com
Sent: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 2:17 am
Subject: Re: fcrack help

On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 07:27:46PM -0500, puezalb024@aol.com wrote:
> ?????????????????????????????????? -my regards-

I was suspecting that aol users have, uhm, issues, but that's just hilarious :->

Note that I will publish your response so other people can share the fun,
I hope you don't object :)

>Dummerweise steht es auch in der Welt der Wunder Zeitschrift und die ist
>dafür bekannt Fakten zu liefern.

You made my day


Names are important. In fact, naming is often _more_ important than the
implementation is. And that means that the implementation should follow
the naming, or the implementation is wrong.


The ultimate hipocrisy is when people send you mails like this:

   From: Christian Walde <mithaldu@yahoo.de>

   I'll be utterly blunt now and ask this in advance: Are you being an asshole on purpose? If so, please just stop reading now and ignore a person trying t ...

[lots of kilobyte-sized single-line paragraphs omitted]

   As too many people send me top- and fully-quoted
   emails, here is a guide on how to be considerate
   when sending emails to other people:

[which states to not use more than, say, 72 columns per line]

[mail quoted with permission btw.]

* k-god tries to think of the one mutt enhancement he'd like...
<k-god> OK. Two. One:  A backscratcher.
<brendan> I believe muttng has one of those
<k-god> Two:  An implementation of the Internet Face Stab Protocol for MS Outlook lusers.
<brendan> and I think outlook does that on its own :)

I had some issues though, functions like tmpfile() could only
be used if run as administrator in windows.

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <n.mavrogiannopoulos@gmail.com>

[on italy]

#24. fallingstones - 08-10 03:51

    @youruncledarnell: First, sorry for my very bad English. Yes, the
    majority of Italians are totally idiot, otherwise the Prime Minister
    wouldn't be Silvio Berlusconi, and of course also the justice is not
    only politicized, but also spectacularized.

    Not only. We've the only nation in all EU having a State-controlled
    corporation on copyright (SIAE). This corporation have also hated
    by a lot of artists, Italian and foreigner, 'cause the division of
    funds is "strange". If some of you can understand a lot of Italian, I
    suggest viewing an old service on Italian TV program "Report" talking
    on SIAE. You can read and viewing it on this url (sorry for long url)


    Our legislation on copyright is basically on a law of 1943, approved
    during WWII by fascism and signed by the king.  We're a Republic since
    1948 and our Costitution dislike fascism, but we've conserved all laws
    from fascism period.

    We don't admit officially other copyright licenses, like GPL or CC,
    cause "legally" every creation would be registered in SIAE, giving to
    them all rights (also rights of persecuting uses not authorized). An
    author of a song can't authorize itself a pianist for playing his
    song. If the song is registered in SIAE (and if isn't, isn't legally
    created, and the author isn't recognized) the pianist MUST pay the
    royalties, that eventually will be refunded to him by the author (if
    they are accorded) when, after a lot of MONTHS, he receive it from

    We've also some laws against Freedom of Speech, for example our penal
    code include apology law, that pratically means you can't say why
    you consider wrong a penal law. People can ask (with a lot of signs)
    elections for deleting a law, but not for a penal law, or better can't
    explain why that law it's wrong and would be deleted. If you can't
    explain, you'll obviously will not found never other people signing
    your petition (and you need at least 500, and with a REAL signs, not
    electronic ones

#25. fallingstones - 08-10 03:52

    Then, only parties have sufficient funds for these things, and we
    don't have a party sufficiently interested in freedom of speech
    (on internet and not). 'Cause limiting Freedom of Speech included
    CONTROL. We've the last western country in Freedom of Speech (at least
    based on Freedomhouse annual statistic), the only "Partly Free" in
    western country.

    I'm so sorry for being Italian, for our very stupid justice, for our
    very bad country laws and on all for our very stupid prime minister,
    but trust me, I can assure you we don't be ALL so stupid. In last
    elections, with an absurd law on elections, other parties have been
    deleted from parliament. Now we've only two main coalitions, the
    Berlusconi's one and the Veltroni's one. All of them have approved
    laws against freedom on internet, and generally against technology
    innovations. For these reason, all the last governments are fascists,
    also the governments of "center-left".

    Again, sorry you and all for my bad English. I hope you can understand.

    If I can, I suggest Brokep creating a guide for using TOR, a little
    great program (and it's free) for surfing the net anonymously and
    without any restriction.

    Brokep and all TPB staff, go forward forever. You're my personal myth,
    and the hope that good people using brain like you exists into the

    Long life to the Bay, forever.
    Sorry for the long message and sorry if I'm using TOR, I hope you understand.
    Thank you for reading.

> > don't even attempt to compare the nvidia driver support to ati's craptacular drivers.
> don't even attempt to post a useful comment

How very ironic.

With or without religion, we would have good people doing good things and
evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that
takes religion."

--Steve Weinberg


[Kurt Roecks on his change that had totally broken openssl for two years in debian]
[Folks, fix valgrind bugs in your code, not in other people's code,]
[if you don't understand how valgrind works]

"I've ran all the regression test thru valgrind, using the memset()
solves most of those.  As far as I know, commenting out those 2 calls
solved all the warnings valgrind reported."

[From: "H.Merijn Brand"]
The more I (have to) work with java, the more I am convinced perl is
the right tool for me.

02:58:42 [Kyle] my summoned pets ate my rod of show invisible


Something About Me, Part 2

Since my cite collection grew unexpectedly large, I outsourced the rest of them to a seperate page. It's quite large.


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