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Last change: 2007-10-15




Oh yes, iso-3166 and iso-639 are so obvious standards, one might think. This I thought when I tried to compile a comprehensive table for PApp. However, the actual situation is more complex: There are different versions of each standard containing different data sets that make it impossible to compile a comprehensive table that contains all the information.

So I wrote a script that compiles whatever documents available electronically into two database tables named iso3166 and iso639.

The iso3166 table consists of the alpha3 (three letter) codes, the alpha2 (two letter codes), the english country/region name and the UNSD numeric country/region code.

The iso639 table consists of the alpha3t (three letter terminology code, ISO 639-2/T), alpha3b (three letter bibliographic code, ISO 639-2/B), alpha2 (the two-letter ISO 639:1988 language code), the english language name and the language family, where applicable. For new applications I'd like to recommend the alpha3t (ISO 639-2/T) codeset.


I am trying to compile translations of these tables (the language/family/country/region strings) into other languages (all languages except english and french). I am especially interested in translations of each language name into it's own (local) language, if applicable (e.g. "german" => "Deutsch").

If you can provide translations that I haven't provided yet, please send them to Marc Lehmann <> for inclusion on this page.

Also, if you find errors/omissions or inconsistencies in these tables I'd also be glad to hear about them ;)


I used the following sources to compile these tables (the compilation script is available on request only, it's too much of a hack):



The following data files are plain text files (whatever that means). The format is tab-seperated lines, i.e. "field1 tab[0x09] field2 tab[0x09] field3 lf[0x0a]". Empty records do exist. The translation files currently use a modified po format but will switch to XML sometime in the future.

ISO3166 (alpha3, alpha2, name, code):

ISO639 (alpha3t, alpha3b, alpha2, name, family):

LOCALE (name, langs, countries, charsets):



Any questions/hints/critics? Contact the author of this page!

Main Projects Background