PApp::Admin - perform various administrative tasks


 use PApp::Admin;


With this module you can perform various administrative tasks. Normally you would use the papp-admin commandline-tool.

This global variable can be set to a value higher then one (the default) to get more info printed to the screen. If set to zero, nothing at all is printed.

export_po $dirflag, $domain, $destpath
Export translation domain $domain into a po-like file-format. If $dirflag is false, a single file $destpath is created and written. If $dirflag is true, a directory with one po-like-file per domain is created (everything else in that directory might get clobbered!).

import_po $dirflag, $srcpath[, $overwrite]
Import all domains from file or directory $srcpath, depending on the setting of $dirflag. Valid translations from the file do not overwrite valid translations already in the database unless $overwrite is true, in which case valid translations in the file(s) overwrite valid ones in the database.


the PApp manpage.


 Marc Lehmann <>