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plug_in_gap_move_path (1.1.29b; 2000/11/30)

plug_in_gap_move_path - This plugin copies layer(s) from one sourceimage or source animation to multiple frames on disk, varying position, size and opacity.
plug_in_gap_move_path (run_mode,dst_image,drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,p_x,argc_p_x,p_y,argc_p_y,opacity,argc_opacity,w_resize,argc_w_resize,h_resize,argc_h_resize,rotation,argc_rotation,keyframe_abs,argc_keyframe_abs)
This plugin inserts one layer in each frame of the selected frame range of an Animation (specified by the dst_image parameter). An Animation is a series of numbered AnimFrame Images on disk where only the current Frame is opened in the gimp The inserted layer is derived from another (multilayer)image or from another Animation (as merged copy of the visible layers in a source frame) the affected destination frame range is selected by the range_from and range_to parameters the src_stepmode parameter controls how to derive the layer that is to be inserted. With the Controlpoint Parameters you can control position (koordinates), size, rotation and opacity values of the inserted layer If you want to move an Object from position AX/AY to BX/BY in a straight line within the range of 24 frames you need 2 Contolpoints, if you want the object to move folowing a path you need some more Controlpoints to do that. With the rotation_follow Parameter you can force automatic calculation of the rotation for the inserted layer according to the path vectors it is moving along. A controlpoint can be fixed to a special framenumber using the keyframe_abs controlpoint-parameter. Restictions: - keyframe_abs numbers must be 0 (== not fixed) or a frame_number within the affected frame range - keyframes_abs must be in sequence (ascending or descending) - the first and last controlpoint are always implicite keyframes, and should be passed with keyframe_abs = 0 - the number of controlpoints is limitied to a maximum of 1024. the number of controlpoints must be passed in all argc_* parameters See also (plug_in_gap_move_path, plug_in_gap_move)
INT32run_modeInteractive, non-interactive
IMAGEdst_imageDestination image (one of the Anim Frames), where to insert the animated source layers
DRAWABLEdrawabledrawable (unused)
INT32range_fromdestination frame nr to start
INT32range_todestination frame nr to stop (can be lower than range_from)
INT32nrlayerstack position where to insert source layer (0 == on top)
LAYERsrc_layer_idstarting LayerID of SourceObject. (use any Multilayeranimated Image, or an AnimFrame of anoter Animation)
INT32src_stepmode0-5 derive inserted object as copy of one layer from a multilayer src_image 100-105 derive inserted object as copy of merged visible layers of a source animframe 0: Layer Loop 1: Layer Loop reverse 2: Layer Once 3: Layer Once reverse 4: Layer PingPong 5: None (use onle the selected src_layer) 100: Frame Loop 101: Frame Loop reverse 102: Frame Once 103: Frame Once reverse 104: Frame PingPong 105: Frame None (use onle the flat copy of the selected frame)
INT32src_handle0: handle left top 1: handle left bottom 2: handle right top 3: handle right bottom 4: handle center
INT32src_paintmode0: GIMP_NORMAL_MODE (see GimpLayerModeEffects -- libgimp/gimpenums.h -- for more information)
INT32src_force_visible1: Set inserted layres visible, 0: insert layers as is
INT32clip_to_img1: Clip inserted layers to Image size of the destination AnimFrame, 0: dont clip
INT32rotation_follow0: NO automatic calculation (use the rotation array parameters as it is) 1: Automatic calculation of rotation, following the path vectors, (Ignore rotation array parameters)
INT32startanglestart angle for the first contolpoint (only used if rotation-follow is on)
INT32ARRAYp_xControlpoint x-koordinate
INT32argc_p_xnumber of controlpoints
INT32ARRAYp_yControlpoint y-koordinate
INT32argc_p_ynumber of controlpoints
INT32ARRAYopacityControlpoint opacity value 0 <= value <= 100
INT32argc_opacitynumber of controlpoints
INT32ARRAYw_resizewidth scaling in percent
INT32argc_w_resizenumber of controlpoints
INT32ARRAYh_resizeheight scaling in percent
INT32argc_h_resizenumber of controlpoints
INT32ARRAYrotationrotation in degrees
INT32argc_rotationnumber of controlpoints
INT32ARRAYkeyframe_absn: fix controlpoint to this frame number, 0: for controlpoints that are not fixed to a frame.
INT32argc_keyframe_absnumber of controlpoints
$drawable->gap_move_path (range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,p_x,p_y,opacity,w_resize,h_resize,rotation,keyframe_abs,argc_keyframe_abs)
$image->gap_move_path (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,p_x,p_y,opacity,w_resize,h_resize,rotation,keyframe_abs,argc_keyframe_abs)
plug_in_gap_move_path (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,p_x,p_y,opacity,w_resize,h_resize,rotation,keyframe_abs,argc_keyframe_abs)
gap_move_path Layer (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,p_x,p_y,opacity,w_resize,h_resize,rotation,keyframe_abs,argc_keyframe_abs)
gap_move_path Image (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,p_x,p_y,opacity,w_resize,h_resize,rotation,keyframe_abs,argc_keyframe_abs)
gap_move_path Plugin (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,p_x,p_y,opacity,w_resize,h_resize,rotation,keyframe_abs,argc_keyframe_abs)
Wolfgang Hofer (
(c)1.1.29b; 2000/11/30 Wolfgang Hofer

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