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plug_in_gap_move_path2 (1.1.29b; 2000/11/30)

plug_in_gap_move_path2 - This plugin copies layer(s) from one sourceimage or source animation to multiple frames on disk, varying position, size and opacity.
plug_in_gap_move_path2 (run_mode,dst_image,drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,pointfile)
This plugin is just another Interface for the MovePath (plug_in_gap_move_path) using a File to specify Controlpoints (rather than Array parameters). Notes: - you can create a controlpoint file with in the MovePath Dialog (interactive call of plug_in_gap_move) - for more infos about controlpoints see help of (plug_in_gap_move_path)
INT32run_modeInteractive, non-interactive
IMAGEdst_imageDestination image (one of the Anim Frames), where to insert the animated source layers
DRAWABLEdrawabledrawable (unused)
INT32range_fromdestination frame nr to start
INT32range_todestination frame nr to stop (can be lower than range_from)
INT32nrlayerstack position where to insert source layer (0 == on top)
LAYERsrc_layer_idstarting LayerID of SourceObject. (use any Multilayeranimated Image, or an AnimFrame of anoter Animation)
INT32src_stepmode0-5 derive inserted object as copy of one layer from a multilayer src_image 100-105 derive inserted object as copy of merged visible layers of a source animframe 0: Layer Loop 1: Layer Loop reverse 2: Layer Once 3: Layer Once reverse 4: Layer PingPong 5: None (use onle the selected src_layer) 100: Frame Loop 101: Frame Loop reverse 102: Frame Once 103: Frame Once reverse 104: Frame PingPong 105: Frame None (use onle the flat copy of the selected frame)
INT32src_handle0: handle left top 1: handle left bottom 2: handle right top 3: handle right bottom 4: handle center
INT32src_paintmode0: GIMP_NORMAL_MODE (see GimpLayerModeEffects -- libgimp/gimpenums.h -- for more information)
INT32src_force_visible1: Set inserted layres visible, 0: insert layers as is
INT32clip_to_img1: Clip inserted layers to Image size of the destination AnimFrame, 0: dont clip
INT32rotation_follow0: NO automatic calculation (use the rotation array parameters as it is) 1: Automatic calculation of rotation, following the path vectors, (Ignore rotation array parameters)
INT32startanglestart angle for the first contolpoint (only used if rotation-follow is on)
STRINGpointfilea file with contolpoints (readable text file with one line per controlpoint)
$drawable->gap_move_path2 (range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,pointfile)
$image->gap_move_path2 (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,pointfile)
plug_in_gap_move_path2 (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,pointfile)
gap_move_path2 Layer (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,pointfile)
gap_move_path2 Image (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,pointfile)
gap_move_path2 Plugin (drawable,range_from,range_to,nr,src_layer_id,src_stepmode,src_handle,src_paintmode,src_force_visible,clip_to_img,rotation_follow,startangle,pointfile)
Wolfgang Hofer (
(c)1.1.29b; 2000/11/30 Wolfgang Hofer

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