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Last change: 2007-10-15


Soo, what have I done for the free software community?

This is old stuff, young lad! For newer stuff, try the Schmorpforge Page, which gives you info about all the CVS, release, docs and mailinglist stuff ya' want! (No, I wasn't drunk when I wrote this).


*pgcc, a highly optimizing compiler, not only for pentiums. There's much more to be said, but, fortunately, there is a quite a number of servers that contain more detailed information.. follow the link!

*Gimp, my second plug-in for The Gimp, and my first XS extension for perl.. I needed a usable interface for The Gimp before I could work on my homepage. Thanks to the power of Perl, the first generally useful version was ready in under a day (this means it was rather difficult ;)

*destripe, xcb, my adaption of the classic xcb program to i18n and utf-8.

*liblzf, a free, fast, small data compression library.

*ISO-Tables, comprehensive ISO3166 and ISO639 tables.

*suxus is a very small (6x8) font that is suited perfectly for small but very high quality lcd displays (like on your notebook), to maximize the amount of text.

*root-tail is a simple x-program (not written by me) that simply was totally broken, the author unreachable, but too cool not to be fixed.

*lma-init is a set of shell scripts that can replace your bootup scripts with some more colourful and impressive outfit.

*papp is a framework for developing multi-page web applications in perl that preserve state across page views. It also tracks user id's, supports a user access system and provides many utility functions (html, sql...).

*lsys, a work-in-progress l-system parser (in case you don't know what it is: you can do nice 3d-plants, fractals and much more with it).

*judge, a program that tries to judge the quality of jpeg pictures on a scale from 0 to 1000 (=100%). This comes in handy if you have the same picture twice and want to know which one is of higher quality (i.e. the original).

*FreeISDN, a program to create slow (but free-of-charge) virtual connections over isdn... ppp, chat... ;) not yet to be released, though.

*FCrackZip, a very fast zip-password-cracker, with portable source code (and optional x86 assembly) included.

*destripe, my first plug-in for The Gimp. I wrote it to get rid of the vertical stripes my el-cheapo Mustek Hand-Scanner leaves in scanned pictures.


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