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Last change: 2007-10-15


Since quite some time now I have a notebook (NOT sponsored by VA although they claimed to have sent one to me a lot of times already ;). Not surprisingly, the fonts I use on my 1600x1200 desktop screen do not fit well onto my 1024x768 notebook display. Since I need vast amounts of text I looked for a font that is small and still very much usable.

After some search I ended up with tixus by tigert, which is an adaption of the unreadable-but-small nexus font by raster himself (I wonder why he didn't swap some glyphs, as nobody would have noticed when reading his mail ;).

tixus was very readable, at the expense of some unusual character glyphs to make characters as distinct as possible. Also, it was missing the VT-100 graphical characters needed e.g. for mutt's threaded display (and a lot of other apps).

So I took the great foundation tigert and raster gave me and changed the glyphs to look normal (to me), at the expense of some readability. I also added the VT-100 characters I needed. There are still some issues, but until someone bugs me to fix them...


Version 1.5 forgot to update the 0 character in the iso-8859-15 variant.

Version 1.4 updated the 0 character to include a slash, as suggested by Jordan Sissel.

Version 1.3 updated the iso-8859-15 by replacing the iso-8859-1 characters left into their real iso-8859-15 counterparts. (i.e. characters "ŠšŽžŒœŸ")

Version 1.2 changed the glyphs for the following characters: 4, ~. It also removed most characters from 0x00-0x1f and 0x80-0x9f.

Version 1.1 introduced two versions of suxus, one with the (incorrect) iso-8859-15 encoding and one with the (incorrect but handy) iso-8859-1 encoding. This release also uses a full XLFD name instead of just "suxus". If you want to use the existing names just copy the provided fonts.alias into the installation directory before running mkfontdir.


And here is some schnickschnack from Mads Martin Joergensen on how to install this beast (XFree86 can usually read the font without conversion, but for most other X-servers you need to convert it to pcf first. Here is what he did:)

In order to use this font with the X window system, the following commands have to be issued in the directory where one wants the font to reside:

% bdftopcf -t suxus.bdf | gzip > suxus.pcf.gz
% mkfontdir .
Now this directory is a directory which can be added like any other font directory to the X window system.



Any questions/hints/critics? Contact the author of this page!