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Snapshot Sources and Patches

Last change: 2000-03-23

Here you can always get the latest patches.

To download, just save the links (In Netscape: press the right mousebutton and select Save Link As...).


Snapshot Source/Patches

There are two kinds of patches:
base patches
these patches contain the differences between a non-pgcc version of gcc (gcc, egcs etc..) and pgcc. Using these you can step from a fresh copy of egcs to the corresponding pgcc version.
normal patches
these patches get you from one version of pgcc to the next, so that, if you already have pgcc on your harddisk, you can follow the development by successively patching your source tree.
These versions are for public use and/or for public distribution, please use them freely, but don't forget they are experimental!


To apply the patch, use commands like in this example:

tar xvpzf gcc-ss-990910.tar.gz        # unpack egcs source release
cd gcc-990910                         # go into the source dir
gunzip <patchfile | patch -p1 -E      # unzip patchfile and apply it
find . -name "*.rej" -print           # there should be NO rejects
find . -name "*.orig" | xargs rm      # delete original files

pgcc patches

pgcc_snapshot_patches currently unavailable

You can also access the data directory directly via http.


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