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Last change: 2002-01-26

Quant-X Quant-X, the widely known distributor for alpha-based systems, sponsored me a 533Mhz ALPHA board + CPU, gfx card, disk and a very cool case. As a result, pgcc now compiles on the alpha, and of course generates code for it. Wether pgcc gets renamed to agcc is an unsettled question ;) Thanks a lot to them for their support!
S.u.S.E. S.u.S.E., creator of the world wide well-known S.u.S.E. Linux distribution, sponsored me with a new Pentium-II machine. Things like MMX or PentiumPro support in pgcc wouldn't be possible without them!
Yggdrasil Computing Thanks to Yggdrasil Computing for giving us the drive to run this site. Yggdrasil produces the Plug & Play Linux distribution and also has an experimental set of PentiumGCC-compiled executables for download at / Matthew C. Mead is owned by Matthew C. Mead, who runs the main server for us. He stepped in immediately when our european server stoped working, and provided us with www, ftp and all sorts of other services ever since!


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